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Engaging in Transdisciplinary Climate Research

March 8 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

On Zoom!
Register: https://ubc.zoom.us/meeting/register/u5YrduiorTIqG9EDZo-7EWXODjiwkhg0geeI#/registration

Join us for our monthly Graduate Student Dialogues where we explore topics of relevance to students engaging in climate solutions focused research. These events are hosted on Zoom and open to all interested students in any discipline and at any campus.

Conducting climate change research requires individuals from across disciplines to work together on solutions. But it’s not always simple – researchers are often trained within specific disciplines with techniques, approaches and customs that differ from others working towards similar solutions. So where do we begin?

In this session, Drs. Robert VanWynsberghe (Education) and Naoko Ellis (Applied Science) will explore the topic of transdisciplinary approaches to climate research by working with participants to:

Discuss the rationale for a transdisciplinary approach
Identify who the actors are in transdisciplinary research
Explore how to initiate conversations with various actors about transdisciplinary approaches
Consider how we show up in these conversations ourselves
Reflect on how to create innovative spaces where transdisciplinary approaches can thrive
Online event hosted by Dr. Rob VanWynsberghe and Dr. Naoko Ellis via Zoom.