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This Week at UBC

June 13–19, 2021

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This Week at UBC

June 13–19, 2021

June 10–11, 2021

The National Forum on Anti-Asian Racism

UBC is convening a two-day virtual event to address the ongoing crisis of escalating anti-Asian racism in Canada.

June 15, 2021

The Duets of Life: One Chapter in the Linguistic Biography of First and Last Words

What do the first words of babies and last words of the dying have in common?

June 17, 2021

Infosys Information Session

Interested in an associate position with Infosys? Take part in this information session to learn more.

June 17 , 2021

alumNIGHTS Pride 2021

Come mix, mingle and kick-off the Pride Season with fellow alumni, students, faculty, emeriti, staff, and the LGBTQ2SIA+ community!



June Highlights

TODAYDwarf Galaxies and Their Black Holes
TODAYRegulated Deficit Irrigation Strategies for Saving Irrigation Water in Vineyards
Jun 15The Duets of Life: One chapter in the linguistic biography of first and last words
Jun 15From the Editor’s Desk: The Ins and Outs of Publishing
Jun 16Anti-Racist Teaching Series: Identity Matters: Connecting Power, Privilege and Bias to Anti-Racism Work
Jun 16Getting Upstream to Prevent Male Suicide
Jun 16Geohazards Connections 2021
Jun 17alumNIGHTS Pride 2021
Jun 17Artists Unscripted: The Mothers of Native Hip Hop
Jun 17Infosys Virtual Information Session
Jun 17Navigating an Effective Relationship With Your Supervisor
Jun 17Music and Well-Being: the Sound Track of Our Lives
Jun 19Wonder Kids: What Do Babies Know About Social Dominance?
Jun 19Imaginative Minds, Shackled Feet with Belgheis Soleimani
Jun 19Light Hours: Eleven Artists Looking at Hong Kong
Jun 21Re-Imagining Agenda 2063: A Socio-Legal Foundation of the Africa We Want
Jun 21Native Hip Hop Festival
Jun 22Connecting with Confidence: Networking & Career Conversations with UBC Alumni
Jun 22How Research and Innovation Drive the Food Industry
Jun 22Design Thinking and Co-Creative Methods Lunch & Learn
Jun 22COVID-19 and its Impact on the Labour Market
Jun 22How to Start Out in Tech, Without Being Techy?
Jun 22Cultivating Safe and Supportive Workplaces
Jun 23Black Women in the Academy
Jun 23Medical Innovations: Where Is Technology Leading Us?
Jun 26Zakir Hussain: Alone Together
Jun 29A Future for Memory: A Conversation with Lost Homes Scale Model Restoration Project