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This Week at UBC

Aug 18–24, 2019

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This Week at UBC

Aug 18–24, 2019

The University of British Columbia

UBC Connects SVG
with Helen Fisher

presented by Santa J. Ono

President and Vice-Chancellor

Swipe, Right?: The Future of Romantic Relationships in the Digital Age

Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Location: Vancouver Playhouse, 600 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

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August 24, 2019

Garden herb walk

Stroll through the fabulous gardens of UBC Farm, learn about our many plants and what they can be used for.

August 28, 2019

Cheese 101: making mozzarella and burrata

Eat cheese while making cheese! In this hands-on workshop, you will learn the basic science of cheesemaking.

August 31, 2019

Habitats + Night Shadows

MOA is hosting a fantastical dance-circus performance and an interactive shadow installation.

September 3, 2019

Imagine UBC

On the first day of classes, campus is transformed and the entire UBC community comes together to celebrate the start of the school year.



September Highlights

Sep 1Way Cool Lecture Series
Sep 2Doctoral scholarship and award opportunities
Sep 3Imagine UBC
Sep 4-Sep 6CTLT Summer Institute
Sep 5UBC IT Summer Lectures: UBC Data Recovery Project
Sep 5Time management
Sep 5Sound House: Cypher + Sounds
Sep 5UBC Language Day
Sep 6UBC Pride at Fairview Commons
Sep 7Summer in the Square at Wesbrook Village
Sep 10Employer on Campus: Ernst & Young
Sep 10UBC Connects: Helen Fisher
Sep 11Putting your garden to bed for the winter
Sep 11Elder Scholar: free information session
Sep 12Learning the basics of herbal medicine
Sep 12Film Screening: The Winding Stream
Sep 12A Place for Doubt: The theory and practice of questioning meditation in Korean Zen Buddhism
Sep 14MOA’s 70th Anniversary Open House
Sep 14UBC Farm fall fair
Sep 14Mysterious Barricades Concert
Sep 18Choux pastry basics
Sep 19Tree medicine
Sep 19Film Screening: Sami Blood
Sep 19Beaty Nocturnal
Sep 20Book Launch: The Politics of Language Contact in the Himalaya
Sep 21Treasured bulb sale
Sep 21Herbarium Workshop: Create your own plant specimen
Sep 22Ali Zandvakili
Sep 24Skills of communication
Sep 24Let Them Eat Dirt documentary screening
Sep 25Meet your maker
Sep 25What are lichens?
Sep 26Margaret Atwood in Conversation
Sep 26Harvest Feastival
Sep 26Puppet Slam: The Fast and the Furriest
Sep 27Essentials of productive teams
Sep 27Graduate & Professional Schools Fair
Sep 28The Japanese Way of Tea
Sep 28One Day at UBC: The Biology, History and Future of Cancer
Sep 28-Sep 29Day of the LongBoat
Sep 28Rosanne Cash
Sep 28Of Monsters and Men - Fever Dream Tour