UBC Events User Guide

Please consider these submission guidelines when inputting event information into UBC Events. Events that do not meet these guidelines may not be approved. If you have questions about these guidelines please contact us at info.events@ubc.ca.

Eligible Events

Submitted events must be hosted, co-hosted and supported by a UBC academic, research or administrative unit, student club, or another affiliated student group.

Events hosted by a third-party that do not involve a UBC co-host or partnership are not permitted. Call for nominations, course listings, application deadlines and important dates and deadlines are also ineligible. 

Adding Events

To add an event click on the “Submit Event” button in the bottom left corner of the UBC Events homepage.

Registered users may log in to manage events.

Event Title

  • Enter the name of your event in the ‘Add title’ field
  • Keep your title to under 25 words or 150 characters with spaces
  • Use title case for event titles and please do not use all caps
  • Use a colon to separate phrasing if the event is part of a series

Event Description

  • Enter the description of your event
  • Recommended description length is between a few sentences to a few paragraphs
  • Consider the basic information that someone needs to know before clicking to learn more on your own website or event registration form
  • Consider how your event description can be relevant to a broad audience
  • Please refrain from entering abstracts from research papers or other dense technical information
  • Consider using the UBC Brand guidelines for writing, including the Brand Editorial Style Guide, Indigenous Communications Guide, and Voice and Tone Guide

Time and Date

  • Enter the date, start and end times for your event. All times are presented in Pacific time; please do not adjust. 
  • For a recurring event, enter the first instance on one single day. Then use the ‘Event Series’ to add additional occurrences
    • Recurring event options include:
      • Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or a one-time recurrence
      • Be sure to enter exclusions for a recurring series of events
        • Example: Set exclusions for recurrences that land on statutory holidays or during seasonal closures.

Event Image

  • Upload a .jpg or .png file under 2MB in size
  • Aspect Ratio and Dimensions
    • Images should have a 16:9 aspect ratio with a recommended dimension of 1280px by 720px
  • Copyright
    • You must have appropriate copyright and usage permissions for any image you upload. Images will be visible on events.ubc.ca and may be used to promote events through other UBC communications channels
  • Quality and Content
  • Review
    • UBC Events staff reserves the right to remove an image from an event submission.

Event Categories

  • Select as many categories that accurately describe your event
  • UBC Events staff reserve the right to modify event categories

Event Venue

  • Select an event venue from the pre-populated list
    • There are options for:
      • Online/Virtual
      • Hybrid Online/Virtual and In-Person – See Description
      • See Description
  • Please indicate room numbers or other specific venue information in your event description
  • If a venue is not available, please suggest an addition via email to info.events@ubc.ca

Event Organizer

  • Select an organizer from the pre-populated list
  • If your organization is not listed, select “Create or Find Organizer” and enter the relevant details
    • Please enter the full name of your unit, department, program, or student club. You can indicate well-known acronyms in parentheses after the full name.
      • Example: The Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology (CTLT)

Event Website

  • Enter the URL for users to find more information about your event or to a registration page
  • Please do not enter shortened URL’s that mask the destination site

Additional Fields

  • Please enter the contact details for the person submitting the event. If needed, UBC Events staff will reach out to this person to clarify event details or notify them that their event has not been approved.


  • Enter the cost of the event. Enter “0” for events that are free or leave blank to have the field hidden from the event listing.

Terms of Submission

  • You must agree to the Terms of Submission to submit an event

Review and Approval

  • UBC Events staff will review event submissions within 7 business days and reserve the right to seek clarification on, modify event details, or reject events that do not meet our submission guidelines or Terms of Submission

Cancelling an Event

  • If your event has been cancelled, please email info.events@ubc.ca and request that the event status be set to cancelled
  • Registered users can log in and manage their own event listings

Updating Event Details

  • If your event details change, please contact us at info.events@ubc.ca to update the event listing