How to Promote with UBC Events

If you have submitted an event to our website, here are ways that we can support you. Due to the volume of events in the calendar we may not be able to feature your event but we will try our best to promote it!


  • Spotlight – Be featured in the running slideshow that is updated weekly by sending us a 350 x 250 (w x h) image and a short excerpt of your event.
  • Highlight – Promote your events early in the Highlights section where we feature events two months ahead.

Example of events spotlight.

Example of events highlights.


  • Guest blog – We welcome guest blog posts on your experiences as an event provider or event attendee.
  • Re-blog – Want to post the blog post on your own site? We can re-blog, too!

Excited to share about an event experience?


  • @UBCevents – Tweet us before, during or after your event. We especially love to see photos!

Interact with us on Twitter


  • This Week at UBC” – These videos are published at the beginning of every week and we seek a variety of unique events to promote weekly. Please email us at to request for coverage on your event.

Contact Us

  • UBC Events is here to support your events and we are always looking for new events to highlight on our channels.
  • Simply email us at to request any of the promotional opportunities listed above. We can’t wait to hear from you!
  • If you have questions other than promotional requests, take a look at our Guide to UBC Events.