Vancouver Law School Fair

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Interested in pursuing law school? Curious what law school can do for you and your career? Come visit us at the Vancouver Law School Fair! The University of British Columbia Peter A. Allard School of Law, University of Alberta Law and the University of Calgary Law are pleased to host the LSAC-funded Vancouver Law School […]


The Truth-Seeking Mission of the University

Allard Hall 1822 East Mall, Vancouver, British Columbia

Today, many citizens grasp the core purpose of universities through the lens of career and credentials. Universities exist, in other words, to transmit information, impart skills, and issue degrees that lead to employment. The competing idea that universities are primarily concerned with seeking the truth about ourselves and our world is not in vogue. In this […]

LINA’s Re-Imagining Sustainable Development Conference

Online/Virtual Event

Co-hosted by the Liu Institute Network for Africa (LINA), Liu Institute for Global Issues, School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, and Peter A. Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada, with the support of the “Re-imagining Agenda 2063” International Research Collaborative of the Law and Society Association (LSA), United States. Date […]