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CEL at Scale: Developing Community Engaged Learning Beyond the Individual Classroom

June 4 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

This event is part of the CTLT Spring Institute, taking place from June 3–6, 2024.

This panel brings together faculty members from across the university to discuss work they have done to develop Community Engaged Learning (CEL) initiatives at scale. CEL is an increasingly popular and celebrated pedagogy–known for increasing ethical and civic awareness among students–and yet, just as the rewards of CEL are well-established, so are the challenges. CEL is dynamic, labour-intensive and logistically complex. These challenges are most acute in contexts beyond the individual classroom. How can CEL be scaled across multiple course sections? How can it be delivered to cohorts with hundreds of students? How can it be scaffolded across a multi-year degree program? Speakers on this panel will share CEL initiatives they have developed in these challenging contexts–including the pedagogical and logistical designs of their projects, and lessons learned.

Attendees with experience developing CEL are invited to share their own knowledge and projects. Attendees curious about CEL or just beginning to develop CEL pedagogies will learn about a range of approaches. The discussion will centre around the essential outcomes, values, challenges and possibilities of CEL.


  • Moberley Luger, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Department of English Language and Literatures; Chair, Coordinated Arts Program, Faculty of Arts, UBC-V
  • Jonathan Graves, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Director of Undergraduate Studies (Curriculum and Students), Vancouver School of Economics, Faculty of Arts, UBC-V
  • James Connolly, Associate Professor, Bachelor of Urban Studies Co-Director, School of Community and Regional Planning, UBC-V
  • Andrew Binet, Assistant Professor, School of Community and Regional Planning, UBC-V
  • Sara Harris, Professor of Teaching, Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, UBC-V