Activate Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

Online/Virtual Event

Do you want to enhance your performance at work, be valued by your employer, and develop skills essential to today’s economy? One way to do so is to think like an entrepreneur. At this virtual event, you’ll hear from Shahrzad Rafati (BSc’07), who is the Chairperson and CEO of BroadbandTV (BBTV). Her media-tech company is […]

Relaxing and affordable Physiotherapy with Bestbodyphysio

Asian Centre 1871 West Mall, Vancouver, British Columbia

Bestbodyphysio is satisfied to report that Physiotherapist Shahnaz Gupta l has joined our group. Shahnaz Gupta’s scholastic vocation remembers both a Bachelor of Science for Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University, and a Masters of Physical Therapy from the College of British Columbia. Notwithstanding him certificates, Shahnaz Gupta has additionally finished tasks in the Mulligan idea, […]


Conquer Life with Creativity

Online/Virtual Event

Think you have to be born Douglas Coupland (Dlitt’10), Steve Jobs, or Emily Carr, to be creative? Think again. Anyone can learn how to be innovative — and use that ability to overcome everyday challenges. Whether you’re a manager, researcher, new or experienced graduate, or simply interested in expanding your horizons, here’s a webinar that […]