We’re Looking For New Video Hosts!

We’re Looking For New Video Hosts!

Be the next host of UBCevents’ This Week at UBC videos!

UBC 2013 Spring Graduation Storify

We curated the story of UBC’s 2013 spring graduation ceremonies at the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses. Congratulations to the class of 2013!

UBCevents at the UBC Grand Prix – July 9, 2013

We headed over to the 2013 UBC Grand Prix to grab a quick word from Race Director, Mark Ernsting.

UBCevents Cooking at the UBC Blueberry Festival with Chef Steve Golob

In preparation for the UBC Blueberry Festival, Sarah met up with Chef Steve Golob from UBC Food Services to learn how to prepare BC wild salmon with a blueberry BBQ sauce.

Rick Mercer's hilarious talk will be one of the many activities happening during this month's Alumni Weekend!

May: What’s Happening @ UBC?

Now that finals are done, take a breather and check out these awesome events happening on campus this month.

Interview with Anna and Kristina of The Shopping Bags

Interview with Anna and Kristina of The Shopping Bags

Check out this interview with two very successful women, who are UBC alumni.

Wade’s London 2012 Video Blog – Part 2

Wade got a chance to meet up with some students and alumni at the 2012 London Olympics.

UBC Blueberry Fest

UBC Blueberry Fest

Blueberries, blueberries, blueberries everywhere!

Wade’s London 2012 Video Blog – Part 1

He’s a UBC Journalism School student in London for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games and he’s video blogging for UBCevents. This is Wade’s first post with a new one each week of the games.

UBCevents at Joy of Feeding at UBC Farm

Sarah, Liam, and Lu (cameraman) headed down to the UBC Farm for their annual Joy of Feeding fundraiser.

UBCevents at Spring Congregation – May 24th, 2012

Sarah and Liam headed to a few of the spring congregation ceremonies happening at UBC Vancouver and decided to ask our new grads a few questions.

UBC Events at UBC Theatre’s Macbeth

UBC Events at UBC Theatre’s Macbeth

The bloody story of Macbeth and its lessons are skilfully portrayed by UBC theatre to engage the audience until the curtain falls.

UBC’s Got Talent Twitter Contest!

This contest is open to all members of the UBC Community: staff, students, faculty, residents, alumni and even people that have a general interest in UBC.

UBCevents with George Stroumboulopoulos

Canada’s boyfriend, George Stroumboulopoulos, sat down with our ‘This Week’ co-host Keyanna Burgher before he went on stage at the 2012 Arts Last Lecture.

UBCevents at Cherry(ty) on Top

The UBCevents team headed to the Cherry(ty) on Top event held by the International Students Association.

UBCevents at UBC THEATRE’S Problem Child and The End of Civilization

UBCevents at UBC THEATRE’S Problem Child and The End of Civilization

Although I am an avid theatre enthusiast, never has a modern production resonated with me, as did yesterday’s performance of Problem Child and The End of Civilization by George F. Walker.

UBC Events at UBC Opera’s Rusalka

The Little Mermaid has always resonated with me. It might be because it’s more than a tragic tale about the plight of a young woman in love. It’s a story about boundaries—a story about overcoming limits and growing up, realizing responsibilities and understanding the inconsistency of love. Heading into the show, I did not know […]

UBC Events Interviews Sam Sullivan

Sam Sullivan, former Mayor of Vancouver, was a Featured Presenter at the 2012 UBC Student Leadership Conference. Lee caught up with him after this presentation to ask a few questions. Since Sam Sullivan broke his neck in a skiing accident and became a quadriplegic at age 19 he has had to breakthrough limitations to achieve […]

UBC Events With Sarah Kay

We headed to the 2012 Student Leadership Conference and Lee had a chance to sit down with the opening keynote speaker, Sarah Kay. Sarah Kay holds many titles: poetry teacher, founder and co-director of Project V.O.I.C.E., documentary filmmaker, playwright, singer, songwriter, photographer, and editor for Write Bloody Publishing. Growing up in New York City, Sarah […]

Chatting with Mark Brand!

Keyanna sat down with Mark Brand at the 2012 UBC Student Leadership Conference to chat about why he loves Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and his “breakthrough” moment. Arriving in Vancouver in 2005, Mark quickly fell in love with East Vancouver and all of its neighborhoods. A Gastown resident, business owner and general fixture since opening his […]

UBCevents At TEDx Terry Talks

The UBC Terry Project hosted the 4th annual TEDx Terry Talks conference on November 5th, 2011. Angela Jung (aka Yellowrainbootz) was there for the day and had a chance to get some crowd reactions and a few words in with some of the presenters.

UBCevents at AMS Clubs Days

There’s still time to join a UBC club! Check out Warren chatting with some of the many awesome clubs UBC has to offer!

UBCevents At UBC’s Campaign Launch – 2011 09 28

Wondering what the #startanevolution was all about? UBC Events’ Warren Springer took a look at UBC’s ambitious fundraising and alumni engagement campaign at the big launch on September 28th.

Orientations 2011: A who to follow guide

Orientations 2011: A who to follow guide

Organizations to Follow!