10 UBC Clubs Worth Joining

We interviewed 10 club presidents on Clubs Days to find out why you should join their club. What makes their club standout from the other 350+ clubs on campus?


“Our mission statement is peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential. Nowhere else can you find 70,000 people striving for the same goal” – Li Ze

As the largest student run organization with over 70,000 student in 125+ countries, AIESEC UBC sends students abroad for internships and exchanges in order to provide them the opportunities to develop leadership and gain cultural understanding. Being part of AIESEC UBC, you gain an international network complete with industry connections.

How to join: https://www.aiesec.ca/signup/

Alpha Phi Omega UBC – Sana Fatima

“Through APO, you will really evolve as a person, all while finding a community that you can call home!”

Alpha Phi Omega (APO) is an international coeducational service organization founded on the three principles of leadership, friendship and service. APO provides its members with different types of opportunities to create long lasting bonds while developing leaders who want to serve their community. As the first and only Canadian chapter, the organization has since hosted the first-ever Canadian-hosted conference in 2018 and is proud to have Dr. Santa Ono as its honorary member.

How to join: interested members are encourage to check out APO Spring Rush 2019 or to reach them out on Facebook.

Amnesty International UBC – Katy Ho

Amnesty International is a grassroots non-partisan human rights activist organization that advocates for all sorts of human rights, as listed on the UN Declaration, regardless of religion or political belief. Amnesty International’s three primary goals include researching, disseminating knowledge and finally, taking action as seen through protests, writing letters and hosting events. What makes this club unique is the action taken on issues beyond simply dialogue and the advocacy that goes beyond the scope of developing nations to countries all around the world.

How to join: Fill out this form or check them out on Facebook

Model United Nations Student Association (MUNSA) – Andy Barraza

Whether you are an expert in all things related to the UN or someone with no experience at all, MUNSA trains its members in diplomacy and policy writing, public speaking, and debating in preparation for careers in law, political science or business. This year, the club has four academic conferences lined up including ones at Harvard, New York, Portland and UBC. Aside from travelling and learning together, the club promises close knit friendships.  

How to join: message them Facebook or website

PRINT Arts and Crafts – Alicia Margono  

PRINT Arts and Craft has been around for seven years with 2019 being its final year. Having found a lack in collaborations in other crafts-related clubs, this club has since collaborated with the UBC Night Market, the Botany Enthusiasts Club and numerous cultural organizations. Emphasis is placed on sustainability as they often reuse their resources and supplies.  

How to join: reach out to them on Facebook or email

SISU UBC – Hannah Brown

Embodying the Finnish concept described as strength, bravery, resilience, courage and determination, SISU was started by women in Singapore but has since spread across the world. The goal is to empower women through outdoor activity and to promote health and wellness with activities ranging from kayaking to yoga to snowshoeing to kickboxing classes. In the past, events have included female yoga teachers and nutritionists coming to speak about their careers and the obstacles they’ve overcome as women. No prior experience is required and all levels are welcome.

How to join: message them on Facebook or Instagram

UBC Food Society  – Nic Huige (VP Marketing)

UBC Food Society is a club that literally anybody can join and have a good time. They are not about cooking but eating which is something everyone loves doing. Events they have done include the UBC Food Crawl where restaurants present their best dishes for a group deal. They have also down themed food nights where instead of going out, the food is brought to you. UBC Food Society encourages friends to chow down on Vancouver’s super vibrant foodie scene.

How to join: message them on Facebook

UBC Underwater Hockey Club – Pau Sard

“It’s the best sport you’ve never heard of”

Founded in the UK during the 60s for free divers training in the winter, players wearing fins, caps, masks, snorkels and special gear are trying to score in a game where the puck is at the bottom of the pool. Although it might be tricky at first, the club is open to absolutely everyone from novices to elite national team players. It is completely free and all the gear is provided.

How to join: email them at uwh.ubc@gmail.com

UBC UNICEF – Adil Engineer

“We’re here to provide students with the opportunity to create positive change.”

In affiliation with UNICEF Canada, UBC UNICEF aims to achieve the mission of service, education and donations established by the UNICEF Canada head office. With service and education, they ensure their members with the knowledge and opportunities to create positive changes. Past events have included a refugee panel as well as a collaboration with Innocence Canada on assisting with the lighting of monuments across the country.

How to join: message them on Facebook

YWiB – Jessica Froese

YWiB is a club devoted to the professional and personal development of its members through both nurturing their professional futures in business and aiding them in achieving their own personal goals. This is achieved through programs such as the Blossom Mentorship Program and a series of networking events with notable companies such as CIBC. Their biggest event this year will be their “When she wins, you win” gala at the Vancouver Art Gallery complete with a keynote speaker, catering, an exhibition to women in business and a zero waste plan.

How to join: reach out on Facebook or attend one of their events