AI in Med Lecture: Dr. Anne Martel

Online/Virtual Event

This talk is part of a limited series co-presented by SBME, BMI&AI, and BC Translational DPI. Talk: “Artificial Intelligence and digital pathology: dealing with the annotation bottleneck” The introduction of scanners that are capable of digitizing microscopic slides at high magnification has led to an explosion of interest in computational pathology in general and deep […]


SBME Special Topic Seminar: Alice Casagrande Cesconetto on Clinical Engineering

Overview: The professions of clinical engineering and biomedical engineering are often confused (several hospitals use the two terms interchangeably). However, while biomedical engineers typically work on medical device design, clinical engineers work collaboratively with physicians, nurses, technologists, and others on projects related to day-to-day hospital operations. Clinical engineers also help optimize healthcare delivery by supporting […]

SBME Presents: Dr. Matthew Baretich

Hybrid Online/Virtual and In-Person - See Description Vancouver, British Columbia

Talk: Management of Medical Equipment-Related Incidents Overview: Clinical engineering can be seen as a specialization within biomedical engineering. However, there are some unique aspects to engineering practice in the clinical environment, including investigation of adverse events that involve medical equipment. This presentation describes how incidents are handled and what they teach us about designing better […]

AI, Digital Pathology, and Post-Pandemic Healthcare

AI in Med Lecture: Dr. Hamid Tizhoosh SBME x BMI&AI x the BC Translational Digital Pathology Initiative are proud to co-present a special lecture: “AI, Digital Pathology, and Post-Pandemic Healthcare “ ABSTRACT Applications of AI in pathology along with the emergence of digital pathology will be reviewed. Particular emphasis will be on multi-modal search including […]

SBME Presents: Engineering hiPSC-Myocytes to Treat Heart Failure & Study Disease with Dr. Michael Regnier

Hybrid Online/Virtual and In-Person - See Description Vancouver, British Columbia

Please join us Thursday, December 1 at 11 am (PST) in LSC Lecture Theatre 3 for a talk from our invited speaker. This will be a hybrid seminar and also available via Zoom. Speaker: Dr. Michael Regnier from the Institute for Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine, University of Washington Dr. Regnier’s laboratory studies the molecular mechanisms of cardiac and […]