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Faculty Panel – Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going: Navigating the Integration of Generative AI at UBC

May 8 @ 9:30 am - 11:00 am


This event is part of the 2024 Celebrate Learning Week, taking place from May 6–10, 2024.

This panel will explore the landscape of teaching and learning in the era of Generative AI. Faculty members will share their experiences, insights, and visions, covering a range of topics:

  • Key learnings integrating Generative AI into teaching practices.
  • The future of education with Generative AI: opportunities, challenges, and what lies ahead.
  • Approaches to assessment that are resilient to and incorporate Generative AI, ensuring integrity and promoting learning.
  • Concerns, fears and ethical considerations surrounding Generative AI in higher education.
  • The influence of Generative AI on various disciplines and professions, including the new skills and competencies students need to succeed.

This panel aims to foster a rich discussion on how Generative AI is reshaping the educational landscape, from enhancing pedagogical practices to reimagining assessments and preparing students for a future where AI is an integral part of professional life. Join us for a thought-provoking session that delves into the complexities, potential, and future directions of teaching with Generative AI.


  • Joseph Topornycky, Manager, Graduate Programs, CTLT


  • Qingshi Tu, Assistant Professor, Department of Wood Science, Faculty of Forestry, UBCV
  • Kari Grain, ALGC Program Coordinator/Lecturer, Educational Studies, Faculty of Education, UBCV
  • Additional panelists to be confirmed

Note to Non-UBC Participants:

In order to register for this program, non-UBC faculty, staff, and students will need to create a UBC Basic CWL. To do this, please go to the CWL page and scroll down to the accordion tab that reads “Basic”. Follow the instructions there for creating and activating a Basic CWL, then please return to this page to register for the program.

This event will be hosted on Zoom.