We Tried UBC Rec’s At-Home Workouts (And You Can Too!)

If your living room workouts are starting to feel a little stale, we have you covered: UBC Rec has an at-home workout program that may breathe some life into your fitness routine and even introduce you to some new ways to exercise. The Get Active At-Home program offers exciting ways to get moving from wherever you are!

Get Active at Home has four-week exercise workout plans for those who are new-to-fitness, or for those who are looking to change up their current routine. The UBC Events Team has taken on the challenge of trying the workout plans for a week!

Get Active At-Home Review

How did the workout program impact your week? 

  • Kristin: This week of workouts were definitely mood booster for me. Heading into this program, my goal was to feel happier and stronger. I came away feeling just that! By the end of the week, I also notice my sleep has improved drastically and have such amazing amounts of energy in the day.
  • Nina: Between schoolwork, work-work and trying to maintain a (virtual) social life, I sometimes struggle to fit exercise into my schedule. This program made that part easy! Don’t get me wrong; the workouts themselves were not easy. But, by following a structured program, I could focus all my energy on simply completing the workout instead of spending “precious” time planning out what I had to do. Also, since none of the workouts required a gym, I was able to reap all the benefits of working out without ever leaving my neighbourhood! 

What was your favourite workout? 

  • Kristin: Yoga hands-down! It really helped stretch the sore and tense muscles from being  hunched over my laptop all week. The child’s pose and cat cow were excellent for this. The restorative flow practice made a huge difference not only for my body aches, but also for de-stressing my mind. It encouraged deep breathing with each movement. I was also able to adjust the movements based on my flexibility.
  • Nina: Perhaps the “Indoor Full Body Workout”? This workout incorporated a wide range of exercises that I could easily modify to make less or more challenging. Plus, as I am notoriously lazy with my warm-ups and cool-downs, I really appreciated having these elements already included in my workout! 

Would you recommend this program to others? Would you continue this program?

  • Kristin: Definitely! I recommend this program to beginners who are seeking variety in their fitness routine. It includes a range of exercises, from outdoor activities to yoga to HIIT. I found this program to be helpful for beginners because the first week focused on basic movements and fundamentals that will be built upon in the next three weeks. Overall, I am inspired to incorporate more yoga stretches into my weekly routine and explore different HIIT exercises to get my heart rate up! 
  • Nina: For sure! Though I usually work out at a local gym, I truly loved having the flexibility of at-home workouts. As long as I had a pair of dumbbells, I was able to complete my workout wherever and whenever. Though I do plan on returning to my regular gym workouts, I will definitely be keeping some of the workouts on hand for the next time I can’t make it to the gym! 

About The Program

Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle, or increase strength, sign up with your email on the Active at Home website to receive your four-week workout plan.

After signing up, you will receive a welcome email, and the following Sunday you will receive your first of four weekly workout plans. Challenge yourself to complete all four weeks, and get ready to get moving!

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New-To-Fitness program

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Looking for More Ways to Stay Active?

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