Valentine’s Day Recap

A few weeks ago, various clubs on campus used their talents and took advantage of Valentine’s day to share the love. Whether it was for a loved one, best friend, or even your mother – there was a Valentine’s gift for everyone. Here is a recap of a few club booths I visited at the SUB.

Did your ears capture the voices of UBC A Cappella’s singing gram on campus last week? Or would you like to be serenaded again for the second time or even a third? The UBC A Cappella is a student run club comprised of four choirs with students who have a passion for singing. They perform on campus and across Vancouver all year long, so if you missed out this time, be sure to check out their website for more upcoming performances.

I’ve heard of Ferrero Roch-quets before, but rose shaped Bacon Bro-quets? That’s a new one! The UBC Chinese Varsity Club’s community department were the biggest cupids on campus this year. Spending countless hours selling, hand making, personalizing and delivering these Ferrero Roch-quets and Bacon Bro-quets, the community department has raised over $200 dollars for the Canadian Cancer Society. Thank you CVC, not only have put smiles on our faces this Valentines, but also made a difference in our community.

CVC’s upcoming events include the Chin and Chow Fundraiser at Fortune, Macaron Baking 101, and the annual city-wide Car Rally.

I also came across UBC PRINT Club’s amazing talents in hand crafting nylon roses.