UBCevents website getting a facelift

No, we’re not talking about botox treatments for UBCevents… As anyone regularly using UBC websites have noticed, countless websites have been following the UBC.ca front page and adopting the new Common Look and Feel (CLF), with the new header, footer and various design elements. Well, it’s now UBCevents’ turn, and we’re preparing to update the entire UBCevents site — our front page, calendars, and event listings. (This does not include the administrative backend: don’t worry, adding events will stay the same!)

We’re trying to pull this together in time for the Olympics, so it’s coming together in a bit of a hurry — but we still know that it’s most important that this site design work for you, our users. So we’d like to share some of the design of the new pages, in-progress. (Huge thanks to our friends at IT and Public Affairs who are heading up this update effort!)

Take a gander at some of our mockups and drawings of the new site below! Please share any comments and suggestions you have with us, either here or by e-mail at info.events@ubc.ca — we’ll hang onto all of them, as we’re also planning a much more intensive and comprehensive update of the website to happen after the Olympics.

Also, feel free to come let us know your thoughts at the Office of Learning Technology’s e-Learning Open House next Thursday, from 3pm to 5pm! We’ll be more than happy to talk about our work to date.