Theatre UBC presents: Triumph of Love

Triumph of Love. Matt Kennedy, Zach Wolfman, Ghazal Azarbad. Photo by Julia Carr

Photo by Julia Carr

Theatre UBC is wowing audiences once again with their new musical Triumph of Love, which is currently being performed at UBC’s Frederic Wood Theatre.

Directed by Barbara Tomasic and featuring a winning cast of UBC BFA students, all of whom are in their final year of the program, Triumph of Love weaves together hilarious performances and beautiful music to tell a story about the always complex task of discovering, understanding and winning love.

Triumph of Love. Charlotte Wright, Cassandra Szabo, Catherine Ferguson, Nathan Cottell. Photo by Julia Carr

Photo by Julia Carr

Set entirely within the pristine garden of a philosophical court, Triumph of Love tells the story of Princess Leonide (played excellently by Catherine Fergusson), who yearns to win the love of the studious Agis. With the help of her quick-witted companion, Corine, Leonide pulls out all the stops in order to capture Agis’ heart and as a result, turns the court on its head.  Mistaken identity, confusion and of course, declarations of love, drive the plot of this play, leaving the audience in stitches after each hilarious turn and excitedly awaiting to see how it all turns out.

Triumph of Love. Cassandra Szabo and Catherine Ferguson. Photo Julia Carr

Photo by Julia Carr

Having seen Theatre UBC’s production of Twelfth Night earlier this year, I knew I was in for an entertaining experience when I attended Triumph of Love on its opening night. From the beautiful and elegant set, to the pitch-perfect and catchy musical numbers, this production is fantastic  and had the audience laughing and cheering from beginning to end. Each member of the seven-member cast delivers an excellent performance, stunning the audience with their expert timing, beautiful vocals and ability to make us laugh, cry and everything in between. Knowing that each actor is in their final year of study, it will be exciting to see where each of them takes their talent next. If their work in Triumph of Love is any indication I know they will all go onto to do great things in the theatre world!

Triumph of Love Charlotte Wright and Zach Wolfman. Photo by Julia Carr

Photo by Julia Carr

UBCevents highly recommends Theatre UBC’s Triumph of Love. The reasonable ticket prices offer a great opportunity for a night out with friends or family (or maybe even a date night!) Additionally, you can also see the performance for free if you volunteer to usher. Tickets can be purchased online or at the Frederic Wood Theatre box-office and the show runs from March 19th-April 4th. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to witness some of UBC’s finest performers in action!

For more information about Triumph of Love and other upcoming productions by Theatre UBC, please visit the UBC Theatre and Film Website and follow @TheatreUBC on Twitter!

-Written and prepared by Ian Schultz, UBCevents Communications Assistant.