The Harvest Feastival: More Than Just a Feast

No, it’s not a typo. The Harvest Feastival has become an annual tradition here at UBC; which is an outdoor feast for 800+ people on University Commons (area outside the Nest) set up in a tent that is designed with traditional long tables. It is a one of a kind opportunity to rub shoulders with friends, peers, and colleagues while stuffing your face with gorgeous freshly made dishes – where ingredients are sourced right from UBC Farm!



There’s also a pre-dinner cocktail at the Loafe Café in the Alumni Centre this year, with entertainment by local artist Adrienne. Dinner will be featuring DJ Smoothie as well as a special surprise performance at 6pm – you definitely don’t want to miss this.



Following the event is an irresistible roster of Arts & Culture events such as 60s Soul Night at MOA, Curiosity Collider at the Belkin Art Gallery, and the famous Vancouver Theatre Improvisers. The Harvest Feastival might also shed some light on the Arts & Culture District, come to the Feast to find out what it is.


Unfortunately, tickets are currently sold out however you can follow the hashtag #Feastival or follow @UTownUBC to watch it live!