Storm the Wall 2018 Team Profile: The Meowsicles

Introducing The Meowsicles, a team composed of four commerce students and one engineering student who will be Storming the Wall this week.

As members of the Social Enterprise Club, David, Mariana, Theo, and Lexi share a passion for finding innovative and sustainable ways to create positive impact in the world. After a busy year of planning the annual UBC Social Enterprise conference, providing opportunities for students to learn about social entrepreneurship through events and mentoring, and, of course, being full-time students, these friends decided to end their year the only sensible way there is: by climbing a 12-foot wall.

David Toro: “The Colombian Goat”

A veteran Storm the Wall-er and fifth year Entrepreneurship student at Sauder, David will be biking in his third Storm the Wall race this year. When asked why he decided to do the bike this year, David replied that it was, of course, the best leg of the race.

Mariana Martinez: “La Luchadora”

As a 2nd year Entrepreneurship and Sustainability student at Sauder and this year’s president of the Social Enterprise Club, Mariana is grateful to the SEC for being a safe space for her to explore, fail, and grow from her experiences. This is Mariana’s first time doing Storm the Wall, and she will be the team’s wall person.

Theo Guevara: “McSwagalaggin’ “

Although his nickname might suggest otherwise, Theo does not plan to lag as his Storm the Wall team’s sprinter. A fourth year Accounting student at Sauder, Theo will be competing in Storm the Wall this year for the fourth time.

Lexi Percival: “The Ogopogo”

Like the mythic Ogopogo, Lexi will be waiting in the shadows before her leg of the race, and will spring into action as her team’s runner. This is her first time doing Storm the Wall, and she is a third year Business Technology Management and Entrepreneurship student.

On March 21st, the Social Enterprise Club (SEC) celebrated their last meeting of the year and invited us in to see what the club was all about. The SEC was founded in 2012 with a mission to educate, inspire, and empower students to become catalysts for sustainable positive change in the world. 

At the final meeting of the year, club members wrote individual “warm and fuzzies” for each individual member of the Social Enterprise Club. The letters were tucked into envelopes illustrated with the member’s name written in picture-perfect hand drawn calligraphy. Says Mariana, “I was fortunate to learn something new from each and every one of my 25 executives. They made my experience as president worthwhile and absolutely transformative, and it was an honour to lead such a strong, inspiring, and passionate team.”

At the meeting, the vibe was less “tie loose ends and plan for next year”, and more “let’s celebrate what we’ve accomplished and show gratitude to those around us.” A slideshow played in background with pictures and video clips from club meetings and social gatherings, with a sweet loop of graduation-style music playing on top of it. Think the wrap-up sequence from all good high school movies, only more sincere, heartwarming, and entertaining.

Check out The Meowsicles in action as they swam, sprinted, biked, ran, and Stormed the Wall!

Not pictured: Taylor Molde, The Saskatchewanian

Taylor is completing her Masters Biomedical Engineering at UBC and will be swimming for The Meowsicles.