Longing for What Might Be

During the ten days of this event, artists and scholars discuss and negotiate the way in which they comprehend the Women, Life, Freedom slogan as a possible pathway for the liberation of Iranian people.
Artists particularly use their visual language to reflect their embodied and overwhelming emotions tangled with everyday life living in Canada while being far from home.

From the early days of this uprising, art became the main language for many protesters to covertly and peacefully voice their call for freedom as a form of art activism.

This group exhibition influenced by and aligned with these creative performances is intended to attract attention in our academic environment for further awareness and conversation regarding diversity, inclusivity, gender equality, and human rights.

Longing For What Might Be is presented with the assistance of Hatch Gallery, UBC Arts & Culture District, the UBC Sexual Assault Support Center (SASC), and The Global Lounge.

Media Contact: Deb Pickman 604.319.7656 | deb.pickman@ubc.ca