Orientations View Has Been Launched!

Does something look a bit different?

On August 12, 2010, we launched the Orientations view of UBCevents! The left side of the website is dedicated to the regular events calendar while the right side has been changed to suit UBC Orientations.

This is our soft launch as the official word has not been spread throughout the UBC community yet. All new-to-UBC students will be receiving an email from President Toope directing them to this website with their indicated MUG group name. If you’re in first year, and are having a peek around, don’t you worry just yet! You will be able to find your MUG group once you have received your email.

Have a look around, and if you think something’s a bit off, please let us know by emailing info.events@ubc.ca.

Welcome to the new generation of UBC Orientations!