New Art’s Student Centre Location

The wait is over,

and the time has come.

Get ready for it.

The AUS Art’s Student Centre Committee (ASC) would like to announce the location of the New Art’s Student Centre Building ….


The Brock Hall Site!

That’s right, if you recognize the location in this photo it is across from Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and to the left of Brock Hall.  (For some students, this may also be known as the patch of soil you cut through to get to your classes.)

The chair of the ASC committee, Camille Esquivel is absolutely thrilled to present the approved site by the New Building Site Selection Committee to the UBC Community and is looking forward to advancing the project, making this student space come to life!  For more information on the Art’s Student Centre Project, click here:

Peace out!

Vivian C

Photo credits: Adrian Talingdan