Inside AMS Clubs Days 2019

We interviewed 7 student leaders on Clubs Days to learn about their story and how their club has helped them grow as individuals.

UBC Common Energy – Megan Yakabuski

Megan Yakabuski – Team Coordinator, Food & Climate Change Committee

As a business student we do not always get the opportunity to learn about sustainability in class. Being involved with Common Energy has allowed me to meet individuals with similar interests and work with them on certain projects “

Common Energy is UBC’s largest student-led organization focused on sustainability. Megan was drawn to the club through her passion for sustainability and the opportunities to work with others outside of the classroom on exciting projects. Being involved with Common Energy has pushed her to take an active role in building more sustainable practices in her own life and the broader UBC community.

UBC Marketing Association – Ethan Fernandes

Ethan Fernandes – Co-President

“I’ve always had an interest in marketing and I wanted to find a community on campus that pushed me to learn more about marketing and myself.”

UBC Marketing Association (UBCMA) is the only marketing club on campus, providing students from all faculties an opportunity to see different aspects of marketing. Ethan got involved not only due to this love for marketing, but also because of wanting to find a community on campus. UBCMA has given Ethan the opportunity to develop his interpersonal skills and also help him identify himself as a student leader.

UBC Chinese Varsity Club – Yohan Cho

Yohan Cho – VP External

UBC Chinese Varsity Club (CVC) is one of the largest social clubs on campus that is open to all students, with their focus being to enhance students’ university experience. Yohan was drawn to CVC because he wanted to make the most of his time at UBC. Throughout his first year, Yohan was not involved in extracurriculars and as a commuter student was unable to find his “home away from home”. Joining CVC provided Yohan with the sense of community that he was missing and allowed him to grow within a team environment. 

UBC Spotlight – Alvin Chang

Alvin Chang – President

“Being a part of Spotlight has helped me become more confident in the work that I create and be proud of myself as a creative”

UBC Spotlight is a club that brings photographers of various skill levels together. They host a variety of events throughout the year, that range from workshops to socials. Alvin joined because he wanted to learn from his peers and fellow creatives. Through Spotlight, Alvin has been able to grow his network and increase the confidence he has towards his photography.

UBC Undergraduate Research Opportunities – Cecilia Lee

Cecilia Lee – Co-chair, URO-REX Program

The UBC Undergraduate Research Opportunities (URO) club helps undergraduate students find potential research opportunities. Cecilia got involved with URO by joining their Research Experience (REX) program, which pairs a student with a professor within their field. Cecilia not only gained experience within her field of medical genetics, but also gained a valuable mentor with the faculty member she was paired with. Being a part of URO has shown Cecilia what is expected from a research position and has helped in guiding her towards her goal. 

UBC Dollar Project – Alisa Hashimoto

Alisa Hashimoto – VP Internal

“Collective action is powerful. Every action has a ripple effect no matter how big or small”

The UBC Dollar Project is a non-profit fundraising club on campus that aims to help communities through collective action. Alisa was drawn to UBC Dollar Project because of the values the club embodied. Being a part of this club has given Alisha the ability to positively contribute towards the community and allowed her to work with others that also want to create a lasting impact.

UBC Game Dev – Angela Lu

Angela Lu – Co-President

UBC Game Dev educates members on everything involved in building video games. Angela wanted to be involved with the club, as she saw an opportunity to work with fellow peers on projects that are both technical and creative. Being a part of UBC Game Dev has given Angela the opportunity to collaborate with others and learn from them, with the collective goal being able to create their own game.

The many AMS Clubs available provides an opportunity for all students to connect with others and find a community on campus.