Doggo Meetup

Hosted by the UBC Arts & Culture District in partnership with @dogspot.ubc and Sisugirls.ubc

As a dogless dog-lover, I’ll never pass up an opportunity to be around dogs. Despite the rain, I joined students and their furry friends on March 16 at the first Doggo meetup in the Arts and Culture district (located in the north end of campus,), in partnership with and SisuGirls of UBC.

Doggo meetup at the Arts and Culture district located in the north end of campus

With dogs of varying sizes and different breeds, I made my way around the field petting all the dogs and gushing over how adorable they all are. It was so fun to watch all the dogs running around playing with each other and all the excitement and smiles on people’s faces.

Harely the Corgie


Beautiful Golden Retriever

More Golden Retrievers!

As I chatted with Debra Pickman of the UBC Arts and Culture District, I learned that the Doggo meetup was organized to create awareness about events in the district, as well as to show the community how fun these events are. In addition to the doggo’s, The Doghouse food truck was at the event to fundraise for the SPCA– all proceeds from the purchase of the Wreck Beach dog were donated to the SPCA.

The meetup was also meant to give exposure to SisuGirls of UBC, a new club at UBC that empowers young women to live with courage, bravery and resilience through participation in outdoor adventures and sports.

I also learned that Jack Liu–the man behind @dogspots.ubc Instagram account– is looking for a person(s) to take over the account after he graduates in April. If you’re interested, you can find out more about it here.


Overall, I had tail-wagging good time! Don’t forget to check out more events in the Arts and Culture District at