UN SDG Youth Training at UBC

As a fellow enthusiast for world change, any event that mentions making a global difference definitely piques my interest. The training session was nothing short of brilliance and insightfulness – I came in as an eager student willing to listen and learn, but I came out being able to be critically reflective and motivated to pursue my ideas.

With talks and speeches from inspirational figures such as Mike Simpson, David Katz, Steven Lee, and the keynote speaker, Jamil Ahmad who is the Deputy Director of UNEP. It was an honor to be in the presence of such successful figures and to listen and learn from what they had to say. Despite the lengthy 3-hour session, I was brain-drained albeit inspired.

I would definitely recommend keeping an eye out for the next training session at their Facebook page. Although, if I were to go again, I’d probably bring a snack or two.