UBC Orientations, Imagine UBC and AMS Firstweek—all in 140 characters or less!


Recently, I have become addicted to Twitter. It isn’t a serious addiction—at least I do not think it is—but I can’t help but constantly check my Twitter feed, or worse yet, my followers count. I have justified my Twitter addiction with the fact that it helps me stay updated on thoughts, news and events all in real time. There, I can rave or rant about life, learn new things, and connect with people thousands of kilometers away. I’ve tried to think of a witty analogy here about Twitter, but all I could come up with is that Twitter is like a funnel, taking the grand collective conscience and bringing it to your fingertips.

As September approaches with UBC Orientations, AMS Firstweek and everything else on campus, using Twitter can help you navigate through the buzzing excitement and find cool events to attend, learn ways to get involved and meet Twitter celebrities on campus (oh yes, they exist). I will be live-tweeting about Imagine UBC as well as posting interesting events and articles to get you excited for the school year.

Be sure to use #imagineUBC as the official Twitter hashtag and join the conversation both on Imagine Day and beyond.