Top 10 Events to Attend in April

The school year is almost over but there are still plenty of events to check out form guest lecturers to musical celebrations to kombucha making!

April 2: The Phil Lind Initiative: Bill McKibben

Join this Phil Lind Initiative talk featuring guest Bill McKibben, a noted environmental activist and author of the first book about global warming—1989’s The End of Nature. As part of the “America and the Climate Crisis” series, he will speak on the ever-growing environmental challenges that we face.

April 3: Is There Hope for a More Inclusive Future? Welcoming Faith on Campus

The Equity and Inclusion Office invites you to the finale of a series of dialogue events in which we explore religious identity within the context of the university environment, and what can be done to foster a campus culture in which all identities are welcomed, seen, accepted and fairly treated.

April 4: The 12th Annual AMS Block Party

The AMS Block Party is back for its 12th year and this is one you won’t want to miss! With the lineup including local artists and famous names, come together with your fellow UBC students and campus community to celebrate the last day of classes in this safe and festive event of music, food trucks and games!

April 4: MOA Sound House – Night of the Jaguar

The Museum of Anthropology is back with its monthly music series and this edition is one that features unique blends of Indigenous Central American music, hip hop, Flamenco guitar and Afro-Latin jazz. The music of Kin Balam, meaning “The Path of the Jaguar,” aims to portray the struggles, beauty, history and warrior spirit of Indigenous communities.

April 5: Kombucha Making

At this hand-on, informative workshop, participants will get the chance to learn how to make the drink everyone talks about – kombucha, a refreshing fermented tea. This beginner class will include lessons such as learning to add flavours to a kombucha tasting session.

April 6: Spring Performance – Magnolia Musings with Celeste Snowber

The UBC Botanical Garden is a beautiful place in early spring, in large part because of its extensive collection of flowering magnolias. Join Dr. Celeste Snowber in discovering the beauty and inspiration of magnolias through a poetic and performative blend of art and ecology in a creative garden performance.

April 8: Game Changers – Assisted Technologies and Sport

Hear from a panel of athletes, changemakers, and leaders as they share their personal experiences and discuss ways in which sport is being transformed, both by people and technology, and how it has helped break down barriers to participation for persons with disabilities or health concerns.

April 11: Public Lecture with Patricia Hill Collins

Join us as distinguished visiting professor Patricia Hill Collins, author of ten books, delivers her lecture, “Black Feminism and Anti-Black Racism: Challenges and New Directions.” The event will be followed by a Q&A session and discussion period.

April 20 – 21: UBC POV Film Festival 29

The Persistence of Vision Film Festival (POV) is an annual student-run showcase of short films created by students of the Film Production Program at UBC.

April 27: Chan Centre Presents – Anoushka Shankar

Anoushka Shankar, one of contemporary India’s cultural gems, will be joined onstage by other gifted instrumentalists as they present a program drawing on classical ragas as well as contemporary cross-cultural pieces that showcase the versatility of the sitar.

There’s more to check out at UBC in April. To stay up-to-date with all the campus events, follow @UBCevents.