What is the Amazing Chase?

On Thursday, October 25th, UBC Recreation is introducing a new event for students called “The Amazing Chase”. Marketed as The Amazing Race, but at UBC, UBC Recreation released this cryptic video about the new event: 


We know the event will be a kind of scavenger hunt, but with smart phones. But, I still had some questions. So, I decided to go to the source and ask Ashley Melvin and Ally Anderson of UBC Recreation what exactly this brand-new event was all about:

Q. Can you briefly explain what The Amazing Chase is?

A. The Amazing Chase is an afternoon event where participants run around campus and complete a series of tasks and games that test their problem-solving skills and UBC knowledge, with some help from their smart phones.

Q. What should participants expect from this event?

A. This event is a play on The Amazing Race. For those who are not familiar, it’s like a scavenger hunt… but with obstacles.

Q. The Amazing Race reality show flies people to different cities on a scavenger hunt. Should participants pack a suitcase for The Amazing Chase?

A. No suitcase needed! While similar to The Amazing Race, this event will be staying within the UBC campus.

Q. What should people bring with them for the chase? Phone charger? Chapstick? Credit card?

A. Portable phone charger could be helpful, or make sure the phone is fully charged before starting. Bring layers of clothing as this event will take place rain or shine. You’ll be running a bit so you may get warm as you get further along in the race. Like all our events, please bring your student card!

Q. Why did UBC Recreation decide to introduce this event this year?

A. We were looking to add a new event that was an opportunity for individuals to get moving on campus in a low-barrier or non-physical way. We wanted an event that didn’t require a specialized skill (you don’t need previous experience in any sport or technique to participate), that wasn’t a traditional sport, and encouraged a social and fun atmosphere. We also liked this event idea because it’s less about competing directly against other teams – you’re competing alongside a friend you’ve signed up with to reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

Q. Do you have to be athletic to participate?

A. Not at all! While running between obstacles can help you get to them faster, many require solid problem-solving skills. If you are an athlete, or are really good at brain teasers, or can do both, you will be able to compete in this AMAZING event.

Q. What should people know before they sign up?

A. You only require one other person to compete (teams are made up of two people). The other thing that’s important is there will be snacks after the final challenge. The winning team will also win a cool prize including two passes to UBC’s Winter Classic, a champ shirt and another cool prize… but you’ll have to compete to find out what that is!

Registration for The Amazing Chase is open until 5:00 pm, Monday, October 22nd, and is open to UBC students. Check out their event page for more information and to register you and a friend  for the event on October 25th.