Languages, Place, and Power: Exploring Multilingualism and Language Learning on Indigenous Land

Buchanan Tower 1873 East Mall, Vancouver, British Columbia

Settlers on Indigenous land are not just English-speaking or French-speaking. The hundreds of languages we learn, use, and teach at UBC add up to a complex picture of what we might call settler multilingualism. What do different models of multilingualism and monolingualism currently promoted today tell us about how we acknowledge, or undermine, Indigenous sovereignty? […]

Indigenous Literatures from Coast to Coast: Round table with Louis-Karl Picard-Sioui, Nathan Adler and Sarah Henzi

Buchanan Tower 1873 East Mall, Vancouver, British Columbia

Join UBC’s Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies (FHIS) for a conversation on contemporary Indigenous literatures with authors Louis-Karl Picard-Sioui and Nathan Adler, and Sarah Henzi, Assistant Professor at SFU. Following their most recent publications, we will talk about the current exchanges, challenges, and barriers that exist for English- and French-speaking Indigenous writers in […]

Words to Give Back: Words that have Lifted us Up

Buchanan Tower 1873 East Mall, Vancouver, British Columbia

This event is part of the Honouring Indigenous Writers series, which seeks to increase awareness of Indigenous authors. Learn more: In this workshop participants are asked to honour an Indigenous writer by giving back a sentence, a lyric, a passage, a word. We invite you to bring these word gifts that nurtured you on […]