UBC Studio Sessions: A Night of Talent


UBC is a place brimming with bright students, each talented in their own interests – and the performing arts is no exception. Last Thursday night marked the first UBC Studio Sessions, which rallied all the different facets of the performing arts.


UBC Musical Theatre Troupe performing an act in one of their previous musicals.


A full audience at the Telus Studio Theatre in the Chan Centre.

Presented and organized by UBC Arts & Culture District, the session was an opportunity to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate all the creative talent amongst UBC students. From Black Vinyl Project to UBC Musical Theatre Troupe to Rappers Without Borders UBC, the night was filled with bone-chilling and hauntingly beautiful performances.


Rebecca Hope singing and playing a few of her original pieces.


UBC Dance Team about to showcase their routine on stage.


For many students who attended and participated, the event was a good chance to take a breather from midterm season, showcase their UBC school spirit, and create a sense of belonging. Make sure to like the UBC Arts & Culture District Facebook page to stay updated, and to find out when the next UBC Studio Sessions will take place.


The main stage area at Telus Studio Theatre.


 If you or your group would like to get involved in the next UBC Studio Sessions, feel free to message or email the UBC Arts & Culture District. It is a fantastic opportunity to gain exposure, strengthen relationships, and find a balance between work and life.