UBC Opera presents: Eine Nacht in Venedig (A Night in Venice)

Photo courtesy of UBC Opera

I’ve never particularly thought that the opera was for me.

After all, “the opera” had an air of sophistication and class. Sophistication and class that, as a university student in his early twenties, I’ve yet to achieve. My current definition of “fancy” is wearing freshly-washed jeans and a button-down shirt instead of my go-to sweatpants-hoodie ensemble – I just didn’t think I’d fit in with the crowd.

Photo courtesy of UBC Opera

Thankfully I didn’t let my doubts stop me from jumping at the chance to see the UBC Opera Ensemble perform Eine Nacht in Venedig (A Night in Venice).

Photo courtesy of UBC Opera

Without giving too much away, A Night in Venice is a hilarious story involving several cases of mistaken identity amongst its main characters. And between the amazing costume and set pieces, the captivating acting of the main cast and ensemble, and the otherworldly talent of the orchestra, it was such an immersive experience. I – along with the rest of the audience – was laughing, clapping, and silently snapping from beginning to end. Hooked was an understatement. It didn’t even matter that the opera was performed in German and that I couldn’t understand a word (the English “subtitles” projected on stage were a lifesaver); I was telling my friends how amazing it was for at least a week.

Photo courtesy of UBC Opera

What really brought the experience over the top was being able to talk to the cast members during intermission. Not only were they fun and friendly, but their passion for their craft really shone through our conversations. Their absolute pride and joy in performing really brought it home to me, and it made their performance even more relatable.

Photo courtesy of UBC Opera

It truly was a night I’d never forget. It proved how wrong my view of the opera was. Sure, my friend and I felt like we were amongst the youngest in the audience and we stood out in our sweat pants, but it didn’t really matter. The opera was, as cheesy as it might sound, universal. UBC Opera’s shows are and would always be a must see.

Catch them perform A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Chan Centre from June 23 to June 26.

Written and prepared by Emmanuel Villamejor, UBC Science Student, UBCevents Communications Assistant.