Top 10 UBC Events to Attend in May

The first month of the summer term here at UBC is full of some great events, from research symposiums to graduation.

May 2: 2018 Graduate Student Research Symposium

The Graduate Nursing Student Research Symposium is a student-led initiative presented by the Graduate Students in Nursing Association in partnership with the UBC School of Nursing. Students, faculty, alumni, and community partners gather annually to share innovative projects, scholarship, and research in a dynamic interactive, and supportive setting.

May 6: Crows are Way Cool because…

You live in Vancouver, so it’s safe to assume you are well acquainted with crows. But did you know that they can remember your face for years, solve puzzles too hard for human toddlers, and know to only use crosswalks when the light is red? Post-doctoral researcher Ben Freeman will take you on a tour of how crows live their life alongside us here in Vancouver and explain why they have evolved so many way cool behaviours.

May 8: Building and Supporting Networks Webinar – with Jeska Slater

This webinar will focus on exploring different strategies for building networks of support in your life or how you can support your community members to develop their networks. We will look at a variety of different techniques and approaches one can weave together, so each unique individual can find their own holistic support system.

May 11: Invasive Asian carp: how did they get here and how do we stop them?

In the early 1970s, in a well intentioned effort to reduce reliance on algaecides and herbicides in ponds, several species of carp from Asia were introduced to the U.S. These large fish escaped within just a few years and entered the Mississippi River where they now breed and comprise over half the biomass of many waters and disrupt food webs while their spectacular jumping activity has reduced boating.

Dr. Peter Sorensen (University of Minnesota) will address the biology and range of this fascinating group of invasive species, the ecological threat they pose to North American waters, their economic impact, and what solutions are being explored to deal with them.

May 11: 2018 UBC Sport Science Symposium

The UBC Thunderbirds Sport Science Symposium is a one-day sports science symposium hosting a wide breadth of presenters and attendees across all disciplines and sport science facets at UBC. This symposium aims to build the network amongst students and professionals, highlight ongoing student projects and applied sport research, impart trans-disciplinary knowledge, and inspire further involvement with Integrated Sport Team (IST).

May 12: Run for Women

The annual Run for Women in Vancouver, BC, hosted by Shoppers Drug Mart and Running Room is back again in Wesbrook Village! The Run for Women has raised over $3.4 million dollars for local mental health services. Every dollar raised supports mothers, daughters, and friends through the funding of programs that allow women to take that next step to recovery.

May 17: Canada 150 – Creating Learning and Social Spaces at the Beaty

The Beaty Biodiversity Museum was a recipient of the British Columbia | Canada 150 grant, receiving the honour for the project, Visitor Experience Improvement Project: Creating Learning and Social Spaces. Attend the official unveiling on Thursday, May 17 to learn more about the full scope of improvements completed because of the funding received from this program, with activity stations, a museum tour, and a screening of the documentary Raising Big Blue.

May 22: “Cops in the Head” Conflict Theatre

In this interactive lunch session graduate students and postdoctoral fellows will be introduced to, and practice, techniques that focus on identifying, naming, and dealing with the negative voices in our head that give us bad advice that paralyzes us or leads us down a path that is not in our best interest. This event will be facilitated by Professor Tom Scholte from the Department of Theatre and Film at UBC.

May 23 – 31: Spring Graduation Ceremonies

Congratulations to all grads! You can find the full schedule of ceremonies taking place at the Chan Centre for Performing Arts here.

May 29: Storytelling for Change: Learn How to Share your Experience to Inspire Social Action

Participants will look at the role that stories play in social change work and will learn about the power of stories as tools for connection and reflection. They will also learn how to develop and tell their own stories, as a strategy to move people to action. Priority will be given to UBC graduate students registered in the current academic session.

There’s more to check out at UBC in May. To stay up-to-date with all the campus events, follow @UBCevents on Twitter.