TEDxUBC in Pictures

On Saturday, March 3rd, I attended the TEDxUBC conference in the Life Sciences Building and experienced something pretty special. Here are some visual highlights of the event with comments from some of the amazing speakers.

“I loved the atmosphere of the event; it was super fun to be a part of! Of course for me the experience of talking to such a large crowd was a great experience, and engaging with other students who heard my talk was also really awesome.” – Varoon Mathur

A student-led Yoga session focused people’s minds during a break.

“The audience was fantastic. They really felt open minded and receptive.My ideas came from a cumulation of 5 years of experiences as a student at UBC. Since I’m graduating this term, it brought closure to show the value and power of Internet communities which are often naively brushed aside as unhealthy by an anti-technology, anti-social-media rhetoric.” – Luc Briede-Cooper

The iconic red TEDx letters took their rightful place on stage.

“It was humbling to have had the opportunity to speak amongst trail blazers who are working tirelessly to move different communities forward.” – Charmaine Lee

Jordan Schalm spoke on blockchains and crypto-currencies with a talk called “Cat Ownership in the 21st Century”.

Attendees read and contribute to a community “Buddy Board”, which connects people with similar interests to create a less-lonely Vancouver.

Stay tuned for information on how to get involved in TEDxUBC in the future. As always, you can find up-to-date events info at events.ubc.ca and on Twitter @UBCevents.