FAQ: New Event Providers

1. Can a calendar have more than one administrator?

Yes, a calendar can have as many administrators as you deem necessary. Simply fill in the registration form and you will be contacted shortly with confirmation of your request.

2. As an administrator, do I have control over who can post an event on my calendar?

Administrators only have access to post and edit events on your calendar. However, if you need to add an administrator to or delete one from your calendar, please email info.events@ubc.ca with the necessary changes.

3. The ‘Manage Events’ piece is not showing the events I have posted. What can I do to edit my event?

Unfortunately, some pieces are quite finicky. The ‘Manage Events’ piece works for some users, but not for others. We are still working on a solution to that problem. In the meantime, you can edit your events following these instructions:

a. Use the Search Box on the bottom left corner – Make sure you type the EXACT name of your events and put it in quotation marks.

b. Once you find your event, click Edit Event

c. Save the event once you’ve made the changes

4. I have just posted my event, but when I search for it, nothing shows up. What happened to my event?

The search index simply needs time to refresh. Be patient! If your event does not appear in the search after a couple of hours, please contact info.events@ubc.ca.

5. How can I add an image or video to my event posting?

To add an image, insert the code into the event description box: <img src=”url of
image”/> The image must be hosted on another site like Flickr in order to be uploaded.

Learn how to add a video to your event posting and more using the Administration Guide.

6. There is a field for locations of my events, but only lists the building. Where can I indicate the room number?

The room number can be listed in the event description.

7. Can I post events for other groups?

Yes. We welcome events from community partners to be posted, but not commercial content. Please use discretion when posting events for non-campus units (who do not have calendars with UBC Events). Please ensure that the event requested to be posted on your calendar relates to your own campus unit. If you are unsure, please contact info.events@ubc.ca.

8. I am leaving my position. What do I do?

All updates to your calendar can be sent to info.events@ubc.ca. Your account can be deleted and your successor’s added.