Orientations 2011: A who to follow guide

Are you ready for Imagine 2011?

I’m extremely excited and just a little bit worried about Imagine UBC, Orientations and AMS Firstweek. If you’re like me and have a major case of FOMO (that’s fear of missing out) make sure you follow the organizations below for updates on Imagine and beyond. And remember, all you twitter saavy users, the “official” hashtag is #imagineubc

Top Ten list of entities to follow at UBC (in no official order):

@UBCevents : Obviously we’re a great place to start, but you probably already know that.

@ubc_csi : This is the Centre for Student Involvement a.k.a an awesome place you should visit to learn more about being involved.

@amsfirstweek : Basically an amazing set of Firstweek events for incoming and continuing UBC students.

@ubcplaceofmind : This is the “official” UBC Twitter account which has interesting articles and posts mostly about UBC accomplishments in the greater community.

@ubyssey : The campus-wide, student-run, extremely well-written newspaper.

@UBCLearn : The Chapman Learning Commons tweets about cool issues and ways to improve academically.

Your faculty specific twitter accounts (there are tons! Find them and follow.)

@terryubc : A cross-faculty program to foster dialogue on global issues.

@UBCGlobalLounge : This is where you can learn more about international issues and opportunities.

@CiTRradio : A student-run radio station. If you like (good) music, make sure to check this one out!

If I’ve missed a worthy group or twitter celebrity, please comment below!

As for people to follow, look around and find out what you like; there are tons of Twitter celebrities (oh yes) on campus and they all tweet about interesting issues and events. Keep an eye out on your Twitter newsfeed and take full advantage of everything, including free food and awesome events, September at UBC has to offer!