Mock-ups of the Orientations View

It’s all coming together now! Take a sneak peek at the following pages for the Orientations view that the UBCevents team has drafted up for your viewing pleasure:

  • Home page
  • Menu page
  • MUG group page

Home Page


– Polaroid’s will be filled with images representing different orientations groups: First-years, Transfer Students, Returning Students, Graduate Students, and Faculty and Staff.
– Accent colours on the spotlight will be changed to compliment the right side of the page
– “Today” and “Tomorrow” tabs under Happening at UBC will be replaced by a larger monthly calendar widget

Menu Page


– Polaroid’s will be filled with the same images used on the home page, linking to each specific groups’ sub-pages
– The large area in the middle of the page will let students self-select their faculties/departments using drop down menus

(First Year) MUG Group Page


– Will feature an image of a MUG leader and a personal welcome message
– Will feature a morning meeting location map and a printable version showing the morning meeting location in relation to the Bus Loop
– Background colour will change to reflect the faculty in which students identify themselves (also potential for Ladner Clock tower type artwork that pertains to each faculty – ie. Engineering Cairn for Engineering students)
– Similar layout will be extended to Transfer and Returning student pages

That’s it for now! Let us know what you like and what you don’t like before it’s too late! UBCevents will be back with more to share about the Orientations view.