January: What’s Happening at UBC?

Welcome back everyone! Congratulations on pulling yourself out of bed and emerging from that holiday dinner food coma after a well deserved break full of sleeping in. We know it wasn’t easy. Here are a few great things happening around campus this January.

January 13-17: UBC REC Shopping Week

Try a new sport with free REC drop-in programs.

January 13-17: Arts Week

Celebrate the diversity of UBC’s largest faculty with events happening all week, including the first Arts Academic Conference.

January 15: Winter Table Tennis Championships

Grab a paddle and gear up for some balls of fury at the Winter Table Tennis Championships, part of Racquets Night 2014. All skill levels are welcome.

January 17: Tennis Spin City

Mix it up with your friends to dj Kid Kicko with a tennis party right here on campus!

January 18: Danse Lhasa Danse

The Chan Centre hosts this powerful dance and musical tribute to the late Canadian folk singer Lhasa. Student rush tickets on sale now for 10$.

January 20-24: Kin Week

Show your Kin Spirit and enjoy a Kintacular collection of activities happening all week in celebration of UBC Kinesiology.

January 20-24: Science Week

Come share your science pride all week long with tons of awesome events, rad UBC Science swag for purchase, and unlimited opportunities to represent the Faculty of Science in faculty-wide games.

January 20-24: Islam Awareness Week

Stop by the SUB and check out the Islamic Exhibit/Booth or attend an exciting lecture on an aspect of Islam happening each day this week.

January 22: Arts Career Xploration

Arts Career Xploration (ACX) brings over 40 UBC Faculty of Arts alumni to speak about their careers: what they do now and how they got there.

January 23: Sexual Assault Awarness Month- Really? Workshop

Have you ever heard demeaning, racist/sexist/homophobic or other discriminatory comments and not known what to do? Learn to respond safely and effectively by taking part in a really? workshop.

January 27-31:AMS Elections

The AMS is your Student Society, join the AMS in a series of campaign events occurring throughout the week and don’f forget to vote!