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Employer Hybrid Info Session: CCL Group

January 18, 2023 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Applying Engineering, Data Science, and Finance to Quant Investing


Event Description

Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management is a global investment manager based in Vancouver, Canada. We have been successfully managing quantitative strategies for over two decades and currently manage over USD$24 billion in quantitative assets. Quantitative investment strategies are at the intersection of finance and technology; investment decisions are made exclusively through the use of data and technology. While our investment process has evolved over the years, we have remained steadfast in our philosophical approach to our business and the management of quantitative equity assets: invest in our culture and people, embrace a collaborative and innovative mindset, prioritize model differentiation, strive to continuously improve methods, and remain at the forefront of technology innovation.

Our success as a systematic manager is equally dependent on having sound investment intuition and leading-edge technologies for analysis and computation. Because of this, technology and investment professionals work side-by-side in a fully collaborative team environment. Our technology leaders are equal partners at the table for strategic decision-making and our dedicated technology professionals sit directly alongside our research and portfolio management teams in designing and building our investment processes.

Our team offers a wide range of roles and career paths. We are looking for intellectually curious and creative individuals who enjoy working in a collaborative environment to solve challenging problems. While the background of our team members varies, most on our team have academic training in the fields of math, science, engineering, data science, and/or computer science. A background in Finance is not a requirement to join our team.

This is an exciting opportunity to learn about quantitative investing and our unique career opportunities that come with a high level of enjoyment surrounded by people we like and respect.


Attending Representatives

  • Jonathan Martin
  • Sonny Cervienka (UBC Alumni)