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Approaches to Prompting (30+30)

September 18, 2023 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Join this 30+30 session at UBC to delve into effective prompting techniques for generative AI within the context of higher education. The first half of the session, a 30-minute interactive presentation, is dedicated to learning about various prompting approaches, specifically tailored to teaching and learning. Insights, recent research strategies, and best practices will be shared, focusing on the application in educational settings.

The subsequent 30 minutes will provide hands-on practice, allowing participants to actively engage in crafting prompts related to assignments, teaching methods, or general learning approaches, followed by a thoughtful discussion. This workshop offers a focused, participatory experience to understand and apply generative AI’s prompting capabilities in the unique environment of higher education.

  1. Learn About Prompting Techniques in Higher Education: Gain knowledge of effective prompting approaches specifically tailored to teaching and learning, including insights from recent research and shared best practices.
  2. Engage in Hands-On Prompt Crafting for Teaching and Learning: Participate in a guided, interactive session to craft and refine prompts related to assignments, teaching methods, or learning approaches, utilizing generative AI in an educational context.
  3. Participate in Thoughtful Discussion on GenAI Prompting in Education: Engage in a collaborative discussion to explore the practical applications of generative AI’s prompting capabilities in higher education, reflecting on the hands-on practice experience and its relevance to teaching and learning.


  • Richard Tape, CTLT Programmer Analyst II
  • Judy Chan, CTLT Faculty Associate, Faculty Liaison (Land and Food Systems)
  • Lucas Wright, CTLT Senior Educational Consultant
  • John Cheng, CTLT Educational Consultant: Learning Design