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Adopting a Wholistic Approach to Teaching and Learning in Laboratory Courses

June 5 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

This event is part of the CTLT Spring Institute, taking place from June 3–6, 2024.

Laboratory courses are notorious for inducing stress among students due to the complexities of expensive equipment, intricate glassware, and potentially hazardous chemicals. However, the primary source of anxiety often arises from the pressure of results-based assessment. Despite the limited inclusion of laboratory courses in many undergraduate programs, students are frequently evaluated solely on their ability to produce precise and accurate laboratory results. This narrow focus on performance metrics disregards the broader learning objectives of laboratory courses, which include not only technical proficiency, but also the critical evaluation of data and the capacity to reflect on mistakes for future improvement.

This session will explore the transformation of a third-year food science laboratory course, where a holistic approach was adopted to foster student learning and skill development. The redesigned course prioritizes supportive instruction, offers diverse representations of experimental protocols, promotes independent learning experiences, provides comprehensive feedback, and encourages introspection. Insights gleaned from a recent class survey will be shared to highlight the effectiveness of this framework in establishing a supportive and impactful learning environment in laboratory courses. Join us as we explore innovative strategies to enhance student engagement and confidence in laboratory settings!


  • Patricia Hingston, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Food, Nutrition and Health Program, Faculty of Land and Food Systems, UBCV

This event will be hosted over Zoom.