Become a Squad Leader for Imagine Day 2014

Are you sweating to get involved in leadership opportunities before you graduate?

Don’t sweat, grab a towel, and sign yourself up because this could be you next year!

The UBC Orientations team is recruiting/hiring senior UBC students to be Squad leaders for Imagine Day 2014. Squad leaders are the bridge between junior student’s leaders, first years and the professional staff members (like this handsome gentlemen right here from the Orientations Team). It is a great way to get involved on campus where you can motivate and student leaders and first year students next Imagine Day!

The position details can be found here:

Application deadline: Sunday November 10th

Don’t forget to go drop by their booth this Thursday in the SUB to get free swag and more information about becoming a squad leader!

I got myself a purple towel, did you?

– Vivian C