A Night at the Theatre: The Seagull

“Welcome to the Seagull and Chekhov’s world.” No, really. Prepare yourself to be immersed in a world where the lines between happiness and despair are difficult to make out. The UBC Theatre cast quite flawlessly transports you to a whirlwind of a world in which laughter can be quickly followed by a hard hit to the heart. Although emotionally daunting, this story of an unrequited love triangle is brought to life in a way that doesn’t trap you in a vortex of despair but rather lifts you up into a state of reflection. While fully immersed in Chekhov’s world, thanks to UBC Theatre’s clever set and wonderful period costumes, the problems faced in the play are all too familiar. As you watch the story unfold you quickly realize that the search for happiness is one that transcends time. Nearly everyone seems to be on the search for something grander and more meaningful, in a sense battling a severe case of what we know as “the grass is greener” syndrome. The UBC Theatre cast embodies inherently human struggles with seemingly effortless ease, capturing the audience and blurring the lines between life and story. As you watch the destinies of Chekhov’s characters come to fruition, it is hard not to draw similarities between their struggles and your own. Whether it be finding love, facing old age or battling with family, The Seagull will take you through the ups and downs of life in a way that will have you tearing up from both laughter and heartache.

Contemplative, tragic and surprisingly humorous, if you have not yet seen The Seagull make sure you make it out this week. The last showings of The Seagull play this week Wednesday through Saturday at 7:30pm, get your tickets here.